to help

In a lot of ways, it shouldn't take a terrorist attack to unite us. Did we ever think perhaps if were we united to begin with--maybe, just maybe--well, that's neither here nor there. Handing out water, sharing meals, offering rooms to those without, should these not be commonplace? It shouldn't take a terrorist attack to…



I have not loved myself with my whole heart- therefore I have not loved my neighbor as myself. Struggles may exist- in fact, they very well do. And he is right about many things, but especially about swallowing pills

9 days

I have the vigor left over from a woman who used everything she was given to become Queen. And they are still trying to take it.

Oh, the places

I often dreamt of wood-stoves, jazz, chess games and organic coffee out of earthen cups. Of sleeping out under the stars. And there's a chance I may never have truly believed it possible. But it is remarkable: the places we've been, the places we'll go.


Go. Fight your fight. Claim, "Warrior." And when you climb knife on hip, finger nails and bloodied palms, covered in dirt maybe you'll earn a fraction of that title. And when you find enough spine to frame back broken from the weight of everything  you've finally owned, long overdue water-bearing, vessel clutching, foot-stomping uphill only to…

Meet me under the clock.

We'll write our own poem. It starts at Grand Central Station- as all good millennial poems do- under a stone sky full of misplaced stars. We'll get lost on the subway, finding shelter from the rain under tattered copies of The Village Voice and not quite kiss. Whiskey burned throats laughing and stumbling over explanations…

Millions of hearts

I cannot tell you precisely where you will find the reserve of strength- I can only tell you that you must. You sit-hungry and anxious- and worry about Time. You will not find answers in this place. You do not have a choice. Your world hangs in an extremely delicate balance. It is going to…

Birthing Pains

I have yet to have a child tho' I am learning motherhood, I do not nurse, tho' I have carried. The labor is not mere hours, but days. I have heard the screams. (And how many had to die before you learned of birth?)