Good Graces

January 20, 2017

They say, “we study history”
so as not to make
the same mistakes.

I say we study His-tory
not to learn from it
but to change it.

For sometimes
even “whores” and “witches”
can birth Golden Ages.

And sometimes
“adultery” disguises itself
as Perseverance.

And sometimes
an “extra finger”
becomes a leg up.

For sometimes
“the Concubine”
becomes the Queen.

But do let me guess:
with this woman
does not lie your interest?

Is it Hank, then?
you would prefer
to study?

Even on the day
of the death of Her-
we are thus fascinated:

Hank is passion,
and unadulterated.”

Hank is potential,
and aged to pretension.

Hank is fast,
fiery and

Hank comes
out and
never on top.

Hank dissolved
and Hank

Hank was surpassed
by “rubbish” wives
and “superfluous” children.

Hank never led,
but Hank followed
like the best of dogs.

And on His deathbed
Hank breathed His last,
with a trait-her on his lips.


We have our heads,
t’would be a shame to waste them.


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