to help

In a lot of ways, it shouldn’t take a terrorist attack to unite us.

Did we ever think perhaps if were we united to begin with–maybe, just maybe–well, that’s neither here nor there.

Handing out water, sharing meals, offering rooms to those without, should these not be commonplace?

It shouldn’t take a terrorist attack to shine a light on the areas of our humanity where we are lacking.

And if we created a world where we looked out for one another universally, not only in times of great distress or danger, would there be as many apparent reasons to attack one another?

I am not simply some optimist, pacifist, leftist. I have more privileges than many and I have often taken them for granted. I have my own struggles. I’ve made my own mistakes. I have asked for help.

Help is not just something which can be given on some grand global level. The solution to the overwhelming problems which keep you from sleeping soundly next to the person you love; the problems which turn your stomach over coffee; the headlines we do not know how to explain to our children; those solutions exist under our own roofs, in our own backyards. Look to your own house first.



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