What did they expect?

When they raised a little girl backstage at rock concerts, little neon buds in her ears so as not to damage infant drums; a little girl in faux velvet dresses- shaking the hands of conductors in tails- because really who can be born with the knowledge to not clap between movements, but who will always … Continue reading What did they expect?


The neighbors say I am a Witch

The neighbors say I am a witch (and in good conscience who can blame them?) For all my flames and earthly aims- all the better to entertain them- Though surely better "Witch" than bitch and fail the judgement made to restrain them. The neighbors say I am a witch lest they allow the truth to … Continue reading The neighbors say I am a Witch

Here in Eden

This afternoon, I spent most of my time covered in dirt. This goes beyond words like enriching or comforting. That earthy smell, the way it breaks between your fingers and seeps in— somewhere even between your pores and the lines entrenched into the palms of your hands—the fact that when I handle it, as I … Continue reading Here in Eden

A medium

“Have I ever told you about Menotti's assistant? His name was Jean-Paul. But since he was Menotti's assistant and I was Flum's assistant, we would often bitch about our jobs together- although his was a lot more legitimate than mine. He used to say that there were two phrases he hated to hear from Menotti. … Continue reading A medium

Mary. Marie. Marian. I

A virgin. A mother. A wished for child. A whore. A disciple. Bitter or bitterness. A Queen. Rebellion; rebellious. A child. Beloved. A destiny. Renowned. Another Queen. Lady, Mistress, Star of the sea. A shepherdess. A vixen. Of the forest. Borne in English legend by Robin Hood's love.


So it’s there, my homage’s due. I have always admired New York: “The Empire State.” An entire kingdom of dizzying duality- for me she was always this: leather before noon draft latte dripping into cold brew chipped gold nail polish clutching at vintage, ivory luggage tapping at keyboards booking flights and gripping pens In New … Continue reading Home